Our criminal cases

The dinner begins as an enjoyably innocent event. But the social occasion that is being celebrated tonight soon becomes the setting for a mysterious murder case: one of the people present meets a violent death. No trace of the murder. But he – or she – reckoned without the other guests, for they will play an important part in the progress of the story. Literally.

Each participant in the show receives an individual identity card providing him or her with a new name and CV. In no time everybody is entangled with either their table partners or one of the actors. The identity card also provides detailed knowledge on the case or specific instructions.

The realistically-staged murder case rapidly transcends all regular theatre conventions. Supported by six professional actors and actresses, highly experienced in improvisation, the audience itself becomes the cast and has to solve this murder mystery as a team. In the course of the evening not only is the question ”Whodunnit?” raised but also the question, who ist an actor and who is a guest here? Which team will successfully disentangle the misleading clues, false suspects and fake evidence to finally identify the true villain?

For some it’s a ”child’s birthday party for adults”, for others it’s a fascinating challenge to compete with Columbo or Hercule Poirot.

Duration of the show approx. 4 hours.